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golf club holder

The Rangeholder is a unique golf club holder. Since its inception onto the market 18 months ago it has sold in over 23 countries and continues to spread the word throughout the golfing world.

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With Rangeholder you place your chosen five clubs plus any accessories – mobile phone, car keys, golf glove, glasses, wallet, money, house keys etc into the pouch that comes attached to the base of the Rangeholder.  When you then go to the driving Range, practice ground or 9 hole golf course, you turn up looking very professional and organised. 

Rangeholder has four little legs that help to your clubs off the ground this helps to stop them from scraping and ensures that they do not get wet if the ground happens to be wet or damp. Many people have commented on how free they feel with Rangeholder – no more full pockets and no more hassle trying to carry five loose clubs and a basket of practice balls, they just turn up and concentrate on practice. Rangeholder was designed by a golf coach who observed people’s behaviour at driving ranges and decided to do something about it. More and more people are using Rangeholder for their golf practice and are reaping the benefits of arriving at the practice ground focussed.

For enquiries call 0131 669 4771.  Telephone orders between 9am-5pm GMT
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